Your Wecasa score is essential to the partnership. The more active you are in the partnership, the higher your score, and the more you'll receive interesting and relevant proposals!

Effectively, when a client makes a booking, our system finds available professionals, then decides which order to consult them in based on their pro score. Therefore, a professional with a good score will receive more proposals.

Your Wecasa score depends on the following criteria, which are calculated from the services you've carried out in the past six months:

  • Your client loyalty rate (50%): this is the number of clients that rebook on Wecasa after having an appointment with you.

  • Your average rating (25%): this is the average of the ratings clients have left for you in the satisfaction survey they are sent after each booking.

  • Your reliability (25%): when you accept a proposal, you agree to honour it. Every time you cancel on a proposal you've accepted, it affects your score. A missed appointment is counted as three cancellations and severely affects your score.

Your final score is out of 100. Most pros are at around 50 or 60; a score of 80 or more is extremely good, while a score 90 or more is exceptional.

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