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At Wecasa, we are looking out to keep new clients, and we'll explain to you why.

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Every Wecasa partner has a loyalty score that depends on their ability to retain clients. This is a fundamental element of the partnership.

As a professional, why should you make sure to build customer loyalty?

💪 To build your customer base. Every client can book a session with you. This way, you're expanding your business.

💪 To work more hours with Wecasa. The higher your score, the more new opportunities we send your way.

Regarding customer loyalty, here are 3 things you need to know:

1️⃣ Customer loyalty is linked to your expertise as a pro. It's a fact: the best professionals (the most reliable and highest-rated) excel in customer loyalty.

2️⃣ Achieving 100% customer loyalty is impossible. We will never ask you to retain all of your clients. The goal is simply to be within the observed average among the network.

3️⃣ Customer loyalty has always been considered important. It was the central element of the previous Wecasa score (before 2022).

Beyond customer loyalty, your reliability is also essential: by accepting an appointment, you commit to honouring it.

Q&A on customer loyalty

Why did we choose customer loyalty as the number 1 criterion?

📌 Because loyalty means keeping customers 💰

Among the customers trying Wecasa for the first time, we observe two categories:

1️⃣ Those who never make another booking. They place an order once and never come back.

2️⃣ Those who will place another order in the following months.

(We based this on a three-month period with a minimum of 15 completed sessions to study this data).

Our economic model is only feasible if a maximum number of new customers fall into this second category. Attracting a new customer comes with a cost: the expense of advertising on Google or other marketing channels (tube ads, influencers) and other costs (such as customer service, technical fees, etc.).
This cost, referred to as the "cost of acquiring a new customer," is entirely covered by Wecasa. To repay the cost of acquiring a customer, the customer needs to place at least three orders. If customers never re-order on Wecasa, then the model becomes unsustainable.

Alright, but customer loyalty seems complicated. Why not consider customer ratings?

📌 No: loyalty is simple; you just need to bring your expertise 🏅

Upon analysing the data, one element struck us. All customers in category 2 (loyal customers) share a common trait: they all had a skilled professional for their first appointment. A skilled professional honours appointment receives good client feedback and gets good reviews... Loyalty is directly linked to all these factors. In other words, it's statistical and verified: if you're a competent professional, one who cares for their clients, one who brings their expertise, then yes, you will automatically build customer loyalty. It's your experience and the way you act that inspires clients to book again on Wecasa.

However, many clients won't book again because they don't have specific needs.

📌 Yep, and that's normal! The goal isn't to retain 100% of your clients but rather the maximum number of them 💪

Loyalty doesn't mean every new customer must become a repeat customer; that's impossible! Loyalty means a reasonable proportion of your new customers should book again on Wecasa. To calculate your loyalty score, we require you to have completed at least 30 Wecasa sessions (as no single session can determine your score!). To determine what's "normal", we've studied hundreds of thousands of bookings that have already taken place. On average, 30% of new customers place a second order within six months of their first experience on Wecasa. We consider differences in loyalty depending on your universe, as we know needs may differ (beauty, massage or cleaning).

You are part of a network of professionals who, like you, also encounter customers who aren't naturally inclined towards re-booking at-home services. And, like you, they won't retain all of them, and that's normal.

Please note: If you just joined the Wecasa Pro community, we send you proposals without considering your score. Only once you have completed enough Wecasa sessions will we calculate your score.

How can you build customer loyalty?

📌 We don't have a second chance to make a good first impression 😊

As mentioned earlier, the first interaction between a new customer and their first Wecasa professional is crucial. For you, it's a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise. Four key points to remember to keep a new customer:

⏱️ Be reliable. This is an essential factor for new customers. We conducted a marketing survey with 300 new customers to understand their motivations. Their primary reason for trying at-home services is the ability to choose a time slot that suits them best. If, for their first experience, this timing isn't respected or if you cancel last minute, these clients won't repeat the experience. On the other side, arriving on time makes an excellent first impression.

👌 Explain and reassure. It may seem simple, but the concept of at-home services isn't evident to a new customer. Take the time to introduce yourself, explain how the session will go, and, most importantly, reassure and put them at ease. The smoother the process, the more appealing at-home services appear as the perfect solution to their needs.

✨ Shine bright like a diamond. By this, we mean do your job as you usually do. Showcase your expertise, let them see what makes you different, and try to be detail-oriented. You know better than anyone what makes your talent unique. It's this talent that will dazzle new customers.

📱 Explain how to book with you again. At the end of the session, let your client know how they can book with you again through Wecasa. You can also make a new booking for them directly from your Wecasa Pro app.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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