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Can I pay for bookings by cash or cheque?
Can I pay for bookings by cash or cheque?
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Wecasa only accepts card payments. They act as a security measure for both clients and professionals:

  • As a client, you know the exact amount you'll be charged, protecting you from any potential surprises at the end of the service. You also don't have to get cash out beforehand!

  • From our pros, card payments ensure that they'll be safely paid for the services they provide, and that they can focus on providing a high-quality service rather than payments.

When you make a booking, you'll be asked to provide your card details. Your card will only be debited the day after the appointment; on the day of the appointment, there will be no transaction.

If needed, and if discussed with the professional beforehand, you can modify the service you've received to adjust the amount you pay—for example, if a professional ended up staying half an hour extra to finish a cleaning appointment. This can be done up to 24 hours after the appointment.

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