To book an at-home service on Wecasa, you'll need to fill out our booking form, where you can specify which services you need, as well as the ideal appointment time for you. We'll show you the total price before you confirm your booking.

Once we've received your booking, we'll send a confirmation email—watch out, this doesn't mean we've confirmed the appointment, only that we've received your booking request!

Then we'll contact our network of professions to see who's available. Thanks to the size and efficiency of our system, it shouldn't take us long to find the right pro for you. As a result, you can book your appointment as little as two hours in advance!

As soon as we find an available pro, your appointment is confirmed. You'll receive a confirmation of this by email and SMS.

If we can't find an available pro, we'll do everything we can to find another time for your appointment, which you'd be free to accept or refuse.

Watch out! We can't take bookings by phone; to book with us, you'll need to use either our site or our app.

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