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I think there's a bug with the Pro app, what can I do?
I think there's a bug with the Pro app, what can I do?

Wecasa Pro application bug - Notifications not activated

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Updated over a week ago

We test the Wecasa Pro app every day, and thanks to Wecasa's extensive network we have the necessary hindsight to assess how well it works. So we can tell you: the app works!

If there are bugs, they are rare and quickly corrected. 9 times out of 10, the problem comes from your operator or your phone:

  • The network is poor and you didn't receive a notification because your phone wasn't connected.

  • Your notifications are not activated. You need to set them up properly on your phone. Android phones are the most complicated, as each manufacturer manages this setting differently, and some block notifications to save battery life! To check that your notifications are activated, please refer to this article!

If you ever spot a bug - you never know, nobody's infallible 😄 - please let us know in the chat room, giving us as much information as possible: a screenshot of your app, at what stage did it happen to you? and the name and date of the appointment on which you had the bug, if necessary.

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