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What documents do I need to submit to become a Wecasa partner?
What documents do I need to submit to become a Wecasa partner?

The documents to be submitted depend on your activity.

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In order to validate your account and ensure your eligibility as a Wecasa partner, we need to review several documents, which vary based on your specific activity.

These documents should be uploaded in the "My documents" section on your Wecasa Pro app.

Your identity documents

The first required document is your identity document, which will be verified by our payment service provider (Stripe) once your earnings exceed £3000.

This verification is mandatory to prevent money laundering.

We may submit either your driving licence or your passport.

💡Please ensure that the documents are in colour and that the entire document is visible. The sequences of numbers should be clearly readable.

Your share code

If you are not a British citizen, we will need your share code, which is issued by the UK government.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to obtain your share code:

DBS certificate

A clear DBS certificate is mandatory if you wish to become a Wecasa partner. You have two options for obtaining the certificate:

  • You can acquire it yourself through the government website for £18

  • Alternatively, you can obtain it through our partner Credence for £30

A profile picture

As a partner of Wecasa, you will have a profile that showcases the services you provide, your travel area, customer reviews and your photo.

It is reassuring for customers to see the person they are booking a session with, as it conveys friendliness and trust. Clients often look for these qualities when booking a home service.

💡Wecasa tip:

Your photo must comply with our guidelines in order to be approved.

📌 Although not compulsory, a profile picture is highly recommended.

For hair, beauty and massage: please include your qualifications

If you are a hairdresser, beauty or massage therapist, we will require two additional things from you:

  • Your qualifications or proof of training. Non-UK qualifications are acceptable

  • Public liability insurance

What about my bank details?

Your bank details should not be uploaded in the documents section. Instead, there is a specific tab named 'Bank account' where you can add your sort code and account number.

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