It's important that you're able to receive notifications from your Wecasa Pro app: this is the fastest way to find out about proposals and messages from clients. In some cases, your phone's settings or third-party apps might be stopping the Wecasa Pro app from sending you notifications. Here are some steps to take for fixing this problem.

We recommend restarting your device after following any of these steps, to ensure that all of the changes you've made have been applied successfully.

First steps

It's a cliché, but have you tried logging out of the app and logging back in?

If this hasn't worked, please check that you're only signed into the Wecasa Pro app on one device. If you've installed it on multiple devices (your phone and your tablet, for example), you'll only receive notifications on the device which last had the Wecasa Pro app open. We suggest logging out of the Wecasa Pro app on all your devices, and then signing back in on the device you plan to use it on.

I have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad)

Make sure that the Wecasa Pro app has permission to send you notifications: open the Settings app, find the listing for Wecasa Pro, then in the Notifications section, make sure that banners and badges are enabled.

I have an Android device (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.)

In addition to the notification settings mentioned above, your device's battery optimisation settings might be stopping the Wecasa Pro app from sending you notifications. Look for a section with a name like 'Battery' or 'Power Usage' in your phone's settings, and make sure the Wecasa Pro app is allowed to run in the background, without any features like 'battery optimisation' or 'adaptive battery' applied to it.

Some third-party apps, such as Clean Master, Security Master and CCleaner, can also stop you from receiving notifications. If you use an app like this, please make sure that it isn't restricting Wecasa Pro's power usage or blocking its notifications.

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