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Moving to Another City in the UK as a Wecasa Pro
Moving to Another City in the UK as a Wecasa Pro

If you're a Wecasa Pro preparing for a move to a new city within the UK where Wecasa operates.

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Here is a simple guide to ensure a smooth transition without affecting your commitments or service offerings:

1. Cancel Scheduled Appointments:

  • How to Cancel: Open your Wecasa Pro app, navigate to the service you need to cancel, and tap on "cancel". You'll be prompted to select a reason for the cancellation and provide a detailed explanation of more than 20 characters. This information will be communicated to your clients to keep them informed.

2. Update Your Address:

  • Process: To change your address, you'll need to log into your Pro area on the Wecasa website. Once logged in, visit the "My Profile" section to make the necessary updates.

  • Important Note: Address changes must be done via your Pro area on the website, as this feature is not available through the app.

3. Start Receiving New Proposals:

  • After updating your address, you'll begin to receive service requests from clients in your new city or area, allowing you to continue your professional activities seamlessly.

🚨 Remember: It's essential to cancel any pre-booked appointments before moving and ensure your address is updated after doing so to avoid any service disruptions. This will help maintain a positive experience for both you and your clients.

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