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A few tips for getting started with Wecasa
A few tips for getting started with Wecasa
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5 key things to know before you start

  1. You receive a proposal from a customer:

  • In the geographical area and at the times you have specified

  • For the areas of expertise you have chosen, in line with your training (hairdressing, beauty care, massage) or expertise (cleaning)

  • With an indication of the net amount of our fees that you will receive if you accept the service. No nasty surprises, everything is clear!

2. For each proposal, you can:

  • Accept

  • Suggest another time

  • Refuse it

We never impose an order, you decide.

🚨 In Wecasa, customers can request an appointment up to 2 hours before the desired time.

3. Prices are set by Wecasa and we make sure that the price is fair for both you and the customer.

4. Collections and payments are managed by Wecasa:

  • Customers enter their credit card number online to validate their order and we debit them the day after the service is provided.

  • Professional partners are paid by bank transfer. A transfer is issued every week for the previous week's services. You must enter your IBAN in your professional space.

5. Build customer loyalty on Wecasa: to recommend a property, customers need to visit Wecasa and your profile will automatically be suggested. They can then ask for you exclusively.

The Wecasa Pro app: the control centre of your business

📱 The Wecasa Pro app (iOS & Android) allows you to set up your account and receive appointment requests from customers.

  • If you haven't already done so, download the Wecasa Pro app here

  • Activate push notifications, which are essential for receiving course proposals.

  • Then set up your account. Read all about it in this article

  • Upload your supporting documents: copies of ID and diplomas/training certificates

Now you're ready to receive course offers!

We ask you to reply to each offer you receive. This is because our automatic system sends the offers one after the other to our partner professionals. If you don't reply, the customer will wait that much longer for a response from us.

🚨 You won't be penalised if you refuse an offer.

Before / During / After: tips and tricks from the best pros

Before the appointment:

  • Communicate with your customers. By messaging them directly in the app or by calling them from the Wecasa Pro app. Remember to clarify their expectations and needs.

  • Plan your trips. Allow enough time between each home service for travel, parking, etc.

During the appointment:

  • Put your customer at ease: this is a big first for many Wecasa customers! When you're at home, you're entering their private lives. Have a few words with them to explain how the service will be carried out, to put them at ease.

  • Explain what you're going to do: this is a simple way of keeping the customer occupied while you install your equipment. This helps to build the customer's confidence.

After the appointment:

  • Explain to your customer how Wecasa can recommend you to them.

    Remember that when they first order the service, Wecasa customers cannot choose their professional. You have therefore been "matched" by our system. The next time they request a service from Wecasa, your customer will automatically be offered your profile. They will then be able to ask you exclusively if they wish.

    🚨 A Wecasa customer is still a Wecasa customer, you don't have to give them your contact details or prices.

  • Encourage your customer to complete the satisfaction survey: at the end of the service, the customer receives a satisfaction survey from Wecasa.
    Customer ratings help you to improve and contribute to your Wecasa score.

  • Give a tip that will go the extra mile! One last piece of advice will leave a lasting impression on your customer's mind and contribute to their satisfaction right up to the last second.

The Wecasa partnership in a nutshell

Details of the partnership with Wecasa can be found in this article.

To sum up, the partnership we offer is :

  • No commitment and no exclusivity: you work when you want, for the services you choose, and keep your clientele outside Wecasa.

  • No fixed costs: joining the Wecasa network and receiving proposals for services is free. We simply take a reasonable commission on the services you provide through us.

Do you have any further questions?

  • You can find answers to the most common questions in our help centre.

  • You can also contact us by chat (in the app: PLUS > Contact us).

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