With Wecasa, you can choose between one-off and recurring cleaning bookings. Choosing a recurring booking has a few benefits:

  • You know when in the week your future appointments will take place

  • The same cleaner every week

  • Total freedom in managing your appointments

When you book your first appointment, we'll work with your cleaner to plan the next two—this way, you can be sure they'll be available for at least two more sessions. Once the first appointment is complete, we'll begin booking future appointments automatically, and make sure to have the next four appointments booked.

Once each appointment is complete, a new one will automatically be scheduled according to the frequency you've selected. This way, you'll always have future appointments planned out, and your cleaner will make sure to keep their schedule clear. You don't need to do anything, everything's automatic! However, in case your plans change, you have two options in your app and customer area:

  • Cancelling an appointment: this is free up to eight business hours before the start of the appointment.

  • Modifying an appointment: select the appointment in question in your customer area, and request a change of date or time from your cleaner. You can also request modifications by emailing us. You'll be asked whether you want to modify the next appointment only, or all future appointments.

If you want to stop your booking from recurring automatically, you just need to cancel all the upcoming appointments we've booked for you. Once you've done that, we won't schedule any more appointments for you!

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