The aim of Wecasa is to simplify our clients' lives, and to help them book at-home services quickly and easily. When you cancel an appointment, particularly at short notice, clients find it very inconvenient, and we often struggle to find another available professional to fill in.

We assume that, when you cancel an appointment, it's because of some unforeseen problem that means you're unavailable for the whole of the day. We won't automatically cancel any other appointments you have on that day, but you won't be able to receive new proposals for it. The exception is if you cancel an appointment over a week in advance—in this case, the rest of the day will not be blocked.

If you need to cancel an appointment because of an emergency, you must not ask the client to cancel it on your behalf. This will lead to your account being limited or possibly suspended.

Don't forget that your Wecasa score is partly calculated from your reliability rate, which is to say how many appointments you honour. Cancelling too many appointments will lower your Wecasa score and ultimately reduce the number of proposals sent to you.

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