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How does the Wecasa partnership work?

Information about how the partnership work

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Are you a self-employed professional working in hair, beauty, massage or cleaning? Have you just left the local salon and started to work for yourself? Or maybe you've been doing mobile work for a while, but you'd like to expand your client base?

You've come to the right place with Wecasa 👇

Our mission

We want to better people's lives by helping them book various services online, straight to their homes. We believe everyone deserves to relax and be taken care of, so we've built a community of over 10,000 professionals across France and the UK. Launched in 2016, our company and community are growing steadily, and we're always looking for new professionals to take care of our clients!

Are you passionate about your job, and do you want to help others? Do you dream of finding a fulfilling professional pathway, all while staying free and independent? Then join our wonderful community of Wecasa professionals!

What are the core values of the Wecasa partnership?

  • No commitment: if you decide to stop working with us, you can do so at any time, with no hidden fees to pay.

  • No exclusivity: you can keep your existing portfolio of clients and stay with any other platforms you might be working with—Wecasa adapts around your schedule.

  • Transparency: there are no sign-up or leaving fees, and no hidden costs; all we take is a fair commission on each service you carry out

How does the partnership work?

You receive job offers

  • That suits your working hours and travel area

  • For your domains of expertise

  • With a clear indication of the net amount you'd earn if you accept the job

For each job offer, you can choose to

  • Accept it

  • Refuse it

  • Suggest another time to the client

💡 There's no minimum number of offers to accept, and we'll never force you to carry out a job. The choice is always yours!

A win-win partnership

Strong values

  • Respect: for the client, professionals, and our collaboration. The partnership is built on trust, and that's why it works!

  • Quality: of equipment, products, and services. Our clients choose Wecasa for the quality of the services that you deliver.

  • Kindness: we are here to support our clients and partners. We are honest, genuinely committed to your success, and by your side to help you.

We are here for you

  • A dedicated team to welcome you, ensure you feel at ease with the partnership and help you succeed.

  • Customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm.

Events to meet each other:

  • Welcome calls to provide a detailed presentation of how the partnership works

  • Meet-ups for our active partners

  • And other more informal events

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