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Who is Wecasa?

How to talk about Wecasa, its values and its identity

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❓ How to talk about Wecasa? It's a question you ask us regularly. Whether it's about presenting the concept to your friends or your clients, it's not always straightforward! To gain a clearer understanding, let's first delve into the history of Wecasa.

Wecasa was created at the end of 2016 by 5 founders: Antoine, Pierre, Anne-Émilie, Fabien and Julien. The idea was simple: make life easier for those who are overwhelmed by allowing them to book an at-home service in just two clicks.

Initially, it was all about hairdressing. The concept later expanded to beauty services, massages, and, finally, house cleaning. We aim to gradually extend the range of services to assist you in your everyday life.

When clients order a service on Wecasa, they might not be aware of the full extent of our catalogue. We noticed it in clients' feedback. So, if a client asks you about Wecasa, don't hesitate to mention the other services!

Wecasa's Identity

A few words about the Wecasa spirit.

In November 2017, we worked on our brand guidelines. This is a marketing tool that defines a brand, its mission, and its values. I'd like to read you an excerpt from these brand guidelines that summarise quite well Wecasa:

"In a life that is often going 100 miles per hour, Wecasa is the brand that understands me, adapts around my schedule and follows me in my everyday needs. It brings me solutions that will help me feel better at the end of the day.

An attentive and caring brand which listens to me sincerely and understands my constraints, my hassles, and my personal needs.

A brand that doesn't feel judgmental. A brand that knows that taking time for myself often carries guilt but that feeling good in my own skin is a genuine need, an essential condition for feeling good in my mind.

A brand in which I have complete trust. A cosy-like brand where I feel good, which helps me recharge my batteries to start fresh."

Wecasa's Values

We uphold values that are important to us and that we want to share with our partners:

  • Simplicity. The goal is to make our client's lives easier. We are constantly working to improve the booking and order tracking experience. Everything is designed to make the experience as seamless as possible.

  • Humanity. The Wecasa experience begins online, but it ultimately involves personal service. It's an experience based on human interaction. The quality of the Wecasa experience is the successful combination of the digital and the human. At Wecasa, there's always a team ready to assist in case of any issues.

  • Kindness. We're not here to judge our clients' lifestyles or give them dos and don't. We're here to take care of them, listen to their needs, and provide them with a relaxing moment. We do not want our clients to feel guilty for taking care of them or their homes. We've noticed that many people never take time for themselves because they feel guilty about it. We're here to tell them: you have the right to take a break, the right to make your life easier, and the right to enjoy a moment just for yourself. We all know that taking this time for you is necessary to recharge your battery.

How to Talk About Wecasa?

As a Wecasa pro partner, you have a very important mission: with each job, you help someone recharge their batteries.

To summarise the above, here are some key points to talk about Wecasa:

  • Wecasa is a platform for booking at-home services. Today, you can book services such as hairdressing, beauty treatments, massage sessions, as well as house cleaning and ironing, all from our app or website.

  • Wecasa is designed to make your life easier. Booking is easy; you can choose the day and time that suit you best. Wecasa matches you with the best available pro in your area. You can book for tomorrow or three weeks ahead—it's up to the client.

  • Wecasa brings together a community of nearly 1,000 professionals in the UK (London, Manchester and Birmingham). All of them are vetted and tried, and tested by our clients.

  • The service is particularly appreciated for specific needs: for pregnant women, young parents, and people who can't travel... but know that the website aims to address everyone, without distinction, because everyone deserves a break! And by the way, because the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot, I'd like to remind you that you too have the right to take a moment for yourself: as a Wecasa professional, you are entitled to a 15% discount all year round on all our services.

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