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Your "My Payments" screen has had a makeover!
Your "My Payments" screen has had a makeover!

When will I get paid? - How often do I get paid? - When is my transfer issued?

Written by Shanie Hassan
Updated over a week ago

Seeing new information on your "My payments" screen in the app? We'll explain everything here 👇

First of all, it's important to remember that the payment system hasn't changed, nothing has changed for you, you just have more information available to you!

What payment frequency have I chosen?

We've added an insert at the top of the screen to remind you which payment frequency you've selected. You can easily change this frequency by clicking on the "change" link that appears or by going to the "Bank account" screen.

If you never want to see this information again, simply click on the cross in the top right-hand corner and it will disappear!

What do the tags (coloured inserts) on each payment mean?

Your payments, whether weekly or monthly, can have different statuses. This status is provided to us directly by our payment service provider Stripe.

Here are the 3 most common statuses you will see in your app:

  • "Received" status (blue tag): this means that your payment has reached your bank account.

  • "Payment in progress" status (yellow tag): your payment has been issued. This means that the payment has been issued and will reach your bank account shortly. It takes around 5 days for the money to reach your bank account.

  • "Next payment" status (pink tag): your payment is in the process of being set up, and the amount changes from day to day, taking into account the sessions carried out the previous day. When the payment is issued, depending on your payment frequency, its status will change to "payment in progress".

Here's an example: for a Wecasa Pro who is paid monthly, each new session completed and paid for (the day after the appointment) will be added to the "next payment". When our partner initiates the transfer, the payment status will change to "payment in progress". Sessions carried out after the payment has been issued will be included in a new payment, with the status "next payment".

What does the date below my payment amount mean?

  • For "Received" payments, we are showing you the date the payment reached your bank account.

  • For "payments in progress" we are showing you the date the payment was issued. This date corresponds to the moment when the transfer is initiated. It will reach your bank account a few days later.

  • For "next payments" we are showing you the estimated date of issue. This date is therefore an estimate of the future date on which the payment will be launched.

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