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I've broken or damaged something at my customer’s premises. What should I do?
I've broken or damaged something at my customer’s premises. What should I do?
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A vase has fallen, the floor is stained, a wall has been damaged, etc...?

These things happen, you have a manual job and as Roosevelt would say, "The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything".

Don't worry, if this has happened to you, we are here to help!

It won't cost you anything and your account will not be affected (except in the case of it happening unusually frequently).

What do I do?

1 - The first thing to do is let your customer know

It's not nice for a customer to discover that one of their items has been broken or damaged. They would lose their trust in us. Tell them, even if it's just a small thing!

2 - Next, you will need to send us supporting documents

We have taken out "umbrella" insurance for all Wecasa partners. So we can put together an insurance package for your customer without any problems, and without you having to pay anything.

This insurance is subject to certain conditions, so you and your customer will need to provide us with supporting documents.

What supporting documents do you need to send us?

We will ask you to provide the following information:

  • A certificate of non-insurance: our insurance can only be activated if you are not insured in your professional capacity.

  • A detailed statement: you must send us a written explanation of how the problem occurred.

  • and... that's it!

Be as precise and honest as possible.

We will also ask the customer to send us their own version of the facts and invoices justifying the cost of the damage.

Conditions and Excess

We will only be able to deal with the customer's complaint if all the supporting documents are sent to us.

If you do not send them to us, we reserve the right to limit or close your Wecasa Pro account.

The claim must be reported to Wecasa within 3 days of the session.

The excess is £200.

This means that :

  • for damage of less than £200 : no compensation will be paid to your customer. In this case, we advise you to propose a solution directly to the customer. You could, for example, offer not to pay for the session, or to buy back the broken item.

  • for damage of more than £200: Wecasa may compensate the damage on presentation of the invoice for the work carried out or for the purchase of the item.

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