Invoices and payment summaries

Details of invoices and payment summaries

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Do you have any questions about invoices and payment summaries? Here are all the answers you need👇


Wecasa takes care of issuing invoices to your clients on your behalf.

They receive 2 invoices:

  • The first one is issued in your name and corresponds to your revenue.

  • The second one corresponds to the amount of the Wecasa commission.

💡 The invoice is generated 24 hours after the session, once the client has made the payment. You can download them in your app.

Why does the invoice sometimes have two pages?

Wecasa occasionally provides discount codes for clients. When these codes are applied, the amount of their booking may be lower than the amount you receive. However, this doesn't affect you since Wecasa covers the discount, and you still receive the same amount.

Example: A client applied a discount code worth £15 to a booking that originally cost £40. Therefore, the client pays £25 (£40 - £15). On your side, you receive £30 as payment for this session.

Two invoices are issued: the first one of £25 addressed to the client, and the second one of £5 addressed to Wecasa. This way, you still receive £30.

Payment summaries

Payment summaries assist you in making your tax returns. You need to make these declarations every year. We send you a monthly summary on the 31st of each month, and we also send you a quarterly summary on the 31st of the last month of each quarter.

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