How do I prepare for my at-home cleaning appointment?
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You've ordered a Wecasa at-home cleaning service, or you'd like to do so, and you're asking yourself how it's going to go. First of all, know that our key mission is making your life easier, not harder! Our services are accessible to everyone, whether you live in a city centre studio or a country mansion. The professional adapts to your living space, not the other way around!

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions for how to prepare for your appointment and make sure everything goes smoothly! First things first, regardless of the treatment you've chosen, remember to keep your phone turned on and nearby, in case your professional needs to contact you.

Give all the practical information before the appointment

Remember to give your professional all the logistical information they'll need: your address, of course, but also any entry codes and information that would facilitate their access to your property. This'll save time on the day.

Prepare the household cleaning products

Unless you've asked the professional to bring their own cleaning products, they'll be using yours to clean the different rooms in your flat or house. It's up to you to prepare the necessary products, which leaves you the possibility of choosing your favourite brands (and why not go eco?). Here is a list of essentials:

  • Pure white vinegar: economical and very effective, it can be used to clean everything from the microwave to the shower window

  • A multi-purpose spray, for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

  • A detergent for the toilet bowl

  • Products for different types of surfaces: wood, floor, glass... it's up to you to decide what you'll need for your home

  • Bleach (pure or integrated into a cleaning product) for the areas to be disinfected

Prepare the cleaning and ironing equipment

Here's what you'll need to provide, regardless of whether you've asked the pro to bring their own products:

  • A vacuum cleaner, which is essential for cleaning floors. If you have several types of nozzle, get them ready, even if you don't usually use them. Your cleaner might find them very useful! If the vacuum cleaner bag is full, this is a good opportunity to change it, so that your cleaner can be as efficient as possible

  • A mop and bucket, another essential for maintaining your floors

  • Sponges: don't forget to tell the cleaner what each one is for!

  • Microfibre cloths, very useful for cleaning surfaces without damaging them

  • If you've requested ironing, prepare your ironing board and iron as well

If you have other cleaning equipment, don't hesitate to make it available and discuss its usefulness with your cleaner.

Talk to your cleaner before the service

The first time a pro performs a cleaning service for you, take time to show them around the different rooms in your property. This will help them get an idea of the premises and allocate their time properly.

Also let them know what you expect from the service—don't hesitate to write these down beforehand! Which areas need cleaning the most? Is there anything less important, in case the cleaner is short on time?

Answer your cleaner's questions

It's up to you whether you stay in for the cleaning service or go out. For a first service, though, it's a good idea to be in at least at the start of the service, to welcome the cleaner in and show them around, and at the end, to check that you're happy with the cleaning.

If you do stay in for the cleaning, you can let the cleaner get to work once you've shown them around; they can call on you if they have any questions. If you'd like, you can check in on them in the middle of the service, to see if everything's going as planned and if the cleaner needs anything from you.

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