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How do I prepare for my cleaning appointment?
How do I prepare for my cleaning appointment?

How to prepare my session - Products and equipment - Initial cleaning

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Have you booked a Wecasa service, or are you planning to do so, and are wondering how to organise for your professional to come to your home?

We'll tell you all about it here! 👇

First of all, you should know that we exist to make your life easier! Our range of home services is accessible to everyone, whether you live in a studio or a large house. It's the professionals who adapt to your space, not the other way round. You'll find all our advice on how to best prepare for your appointment here, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

1) Provide all the information when you book

To save time, remember to include all the information you need to make it easy for your professional to find your home on the appointment, as well as your expectations and requirements for the service, when you make your booking request.

💡 This includes, of course, your address, the key code, the floor of the flat and any requests relating to your appointment!

2) Prepare the equipment and household products

Your Wecasa professional will use your own products, according to your instructions, to clean your home. It's up to you to prepare the ones you want!

🫧 To help you, here's a list of essentials:

  • Pure white vinegar: economical and highly effective, it's used to clean lots of surfaces around the house, from microwaves to shower windows!

  • Multi-purpose cleaner: for the kitchen and bathroom

  • A toilet cleaner

  • Products adapted to each type of surface: wood, floor, glass... it's up to you to decide which products are essential for your surfaces

  • Bleach for areas to be disinfected

If you don't have any products, don't panic, with Wecasa you can book your session with the "household products supplied by the pro" option. There's no obligation and your professional will come with his or her own cleaning products! This option will appear when you fill in the booking form, after indicating your availability.

🧹 When it comes to equipment, here are the essentials for preparing for your appointment:

  • Hoover: essential for cleaning floors. One detail: if you have several types of nozzle, and even if you don't usually use them, get them out. Your professional may find them very useful. It's also a good time to check that your bag is full!

  • Mops and mop buckets: another floor care essential

  • Sponges: don't forget to tell your professional what you'll be using each one for (crockery, tableware, taps, etc.).

  • Microfibre cloths, very useful for cleaning without damaging!

  • If you've requested ironing, have your ironing board and iron ready.

If you have other equipment, don't hesitate to prepare it so you can discuss its usefulness with your professional on the big day!

3) Communicate with your professional before the start of the appointment

For a first cleaning session with your professional, take the time to go round the different rooms with him. This will allow them to draw up an initial inventory of fixtures and organise their time.

Don't forget to give them a list of your expectations: what are the most important points for a successful cleaning? On the other hand, what are the things you can compromise on if he's a bit short of time? This information is invaluable if you are to be satisfied.

4) Do I have to be at home during the session?

During a cleaning service, you never really know how to behave: should you stay at home to be available if necessary? Should you leave and let the professional do his work?

The answer is simple: it's up to you, there are no rules! ❌

In both cases, for an initial service, it's a good idea to be on hand to greet the pro and also when he leaves to make an initial assessment.

Our advice: if you're staying at home, let your pro work; he'll be able to call on you if he has any questions. If you wish, you can do a "mini check-up" in the middle of the service, to see if everything is going as planned and if he needs anything!

You now have all the information you need to call on pro Wecasa!

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