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How do I prepare for my at-home massage?
How do I prepare for my at-home massage?

Preparing your massage appointment

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You've ordered a Wecasa at-home massage, or you'd like to do so, and you're asking yourself how it's going to go.

We'll tell you all about it below! 👇

First of all, know that our key mission is making your life easier, not harder! Our services are accessible to everyone, whether you live in a city centre studio or a country mansion. The professional adapts to your living space, not the other way around!

📱 First and foremost, whatever service you book, keep your phone on and close to you as your Wecasa pro may need to contact you before the start of your appointment, particularly if you have difficulty finding your home!

Next, it's vital that your professional has enough room to unfold his or her massage table and move around. So make sure the space is large enough (2x2m) for him/her to sit down and move around comfortably.

The professional will bring towels to the appointment, but in some cases, they may ask you to provide one or two extra ones.

To make the most of your appointment, you can create a relaxing atmosphere, with soft lighting and calming music (we've made lots of massage playlists, don't hesitate to use them!).

💡 Consider turning up the heating; it's more comfortable to be massaged in a warm space.

🚨 If you live on the third floor or above, you'll need an elevator, as massage tables are quite heavy to carry. If this isn't the case, please specify this when you book your massage, and help your professional bring up the massage table.

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