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What isn't included in Wecasa cleaning services?
What isn't included in Wecasa cleaning services?
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What tasks can you entrust to your Wecasa professional? Is it possible to book an ironing-only session? We'll tell you all about it below!

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1) What tasks can I entrust to my pro?

The cleaning service available on Wecasa corresponds to routine cleaning of your living space 🧹

Your Wecasa pro will therefore not be able to perform:

  • Cleaning of ceilings, shutters, blinds, hanging furnishings or surfaces which can only be accessed with a ladder or stepladder

  • Deep cleaning of stubborn or dried-on stains

  • Moving of heavy objects or furniture

  • Cleaning or maintenance of vents or ventilation systems

  • Removal of mould

  • Cleaning of exteriors (gardens, sheds, outside walls or windows)

  • Cleaning of commercial or office spaces

💡 For greater clarity when making your booking, please remember to indicate the details of your request in the "comments" box.

2) Can I book a Wecasa cleaner for my end of tenancy cleaning ?

Are you a private individual thinking of requesting a cleaning service for your end of tenancy? You can absolutely call on Wecasa! 🤩

In this case, remember to indicate that your request concerns an end of tenancy in the "comments" box when you make your reservation. In this way, the professionals we call upon will be well informed and will accept your request with full knowledge of the facts.

The rooms to be cleaned must have lighting and you must have the necessary equipment for your session to run smoothly: hoover, mop, bucket, etc. If you can't provide your own cleaning products, remember to tick the "products provided by my professional" option so that he can bring them over on the day (€2 extra per hour)!

As with any cleaning service, don't forget to draw up a priority list of things to be done with your pro and to allow enough time for the service to be carried out so that everything can be done.

💡 A cleaning service for an end of tenancy often takes longer than you think! Remember to allow plenty of time when booking.

🚨 Booking a cleaning service for your end of tenancy is in no way a guarantee that your deposit will be returned. The service provided will be routine maintenance of your living space. It is therefore up to you to make sure that your flat is in good condition. For example, your professional will not wax your parquet or wash your walls! Nor will he fill in any holes in your walls or carry out any other minor work that might be necessary.

3) Can I book an ironing service?

With Wecasa, you can also book an ironing service. When you place your order, just select "ironing" as an extra.

The hourly rate is identical to that for a cleaning service, just make sure you allocate the necessary extra time.

If you require ironing ONLY, book in the same manner, and specify in the comments that the session is to be entirely dedicated to ironing.

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