You've ordered a Wecasa at-home beauty treatment, or you'd like to do so, and you're asking yourself how it's going to go. First of all, know that our key mission is making your life easier, not harder! Our services are accessible to everyone, whether you live in a city centre studio or a country mansion. The professional adapts to your living space, not the other way around!

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions for how to prepare for your beauty treatment and make sure everything goes smoothly! First things first, regardless of the treatment you've chosen, remember to keep your phone turned on and nearby, in case your professional needs to contact you.

If you've booked a manicure

It's up to you to choose which spot in your home would be most comfortable and practical for the manicure. What's important is that you have a table that's the right height for the pro to perform the manicure.

Don't worry about 'preparing' your nails for the appointment, the pro will take care of everything! The only thing you'd need to do in advance is remove any polish you might already have on your nails. If you don't have any nail polish remover, the pro can do it for you at the start of the appointment, at no extra charge. If you have semi-permanent polish that needs removing, please check the 'semi-permanent nail polish removal' service when you make your booking, at a small extra cost.

As for the choice of new polish, it's the beautician's job to bring a nice selection for you to choose from. Prefer to use your own polish? No problem, just check that it's still good to use (well-stored nail polish should last for up to two years).

If you've booked a pedicure

This service needs a bit more space than the manicure. You'll need to be able to place both of your feet on a towel. You can receive the pedicure in whichever part of your living space is most comfortable.

As with manicures, remove existing polish if possible; if not, the pro can do it for you at the start of the session. Likewise, you can prepare your own polish for the pro to use—just make sure to check that it's still good to use.

If you've booked a waxing

For this service, there are two possibilities:

  • Some pros bring a waxing table with them. In this case, you'll need to have enough free space for the pro to set it up.

  • Other pros will simply perform the waxing on your couch or bed, whichever you'd prefer.

For hygiene reasons and depending on the exact kind of waxing you've booked, the pro might also ask you to provide a large towel.

If you live on the third floor or above, you'll need an elevator, as waxing equipment is quite heavy to carry. If this isn't the case, please specify this when you book your massage, and help your professional carry their equipment into your building.

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