Have you just received a tip or would you like to find out more about this feature? Congratulations, you've come to the right place! Here you will find all the information on the subject.

Do tips have to be declared?

The turnover represents the total sales or services provided by the self-employed person: in principle, this turnover corresponds to the total invoices received over the period concerned. Any tips received should be included in the turnover and will therefore also be taxable and subject to social security contributions.

Where can I see the tips received?

In the "payment summary" section of your app there is a line associated with the tip when you have received one. You will also receive a notification in your app in case of a tip. Don't hesitate to thank your customers for this gesture :)

What if my customer wants to tip me with change?

This is perfectly possible.

Can I refuse a tip?

No, it is not possible to refuse a tip.

Do tips appear on the invoices?

Yes, you will find a line on every invoice associated with a tip, as soon as you have received one.

Where can my customer tip?

The customers can tip via their customer area on the website, by clicking into the relevant appointment.

Of course, nothing is mandatory and the amount is their choice.

Does Wecasa take a commission on tips?

Of course not, 100% of the tip is paid to you and Wecasa does not take any commission on it.

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