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Each Wecasa partner professional has a mini site called "Professional Profile". This site shows the services you provide, your area of operation and your customers' opinions.

This site is your professional showcase. You can share it so that anyone can book a session with you. It is also automatically sent to your future customers, so that they know the identity of the person who will be carrying out their appointment.

📷 To optimise the quality of your professional profile, we need your photo.

🚨 Please follow our guidelines for a good quality photo, otherwise we won't be able to use it.

1) Criteria for validating your profile photo

  • Stand in front of a plain white background.

  • Make sure there's natural light and that the photo isn't too dark.

  • Wear a solid-colour top, ideally black. Don't hesitate to wear a Wecasa top if you have one!

  • Take off your glasses and any hats.

  • Stand straight, in front of the camera, or slightly turned towards the left.

  • Look straight at the camera, with your arms folded or by your side.

  • Capture your head and shoulders.

  • Most importantly, don't forget to smile!

Please note that once you've submitted your photo, it might take a few days for it to appear on your pro profile. This is so that we can process it and make it look as good as possible on your page!

2) Adding and modifying your pro profile photo

To add your photo, click on the "My account" tab in your pro app and then:

🌟 To change your current profile picture, simply upload a new photo in your documents

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