All Wecasa pros have a mini professional website named "professional profile". This website lists the services that you offer, the geographical area that you operate in, and your client's reviews. This website can be used to showcase your profile, which you can share with others to ensure that they book with you. It is also automatically sent to the client that has been matched to you, enabling them to know the identity of the person providing the service.

To optimise the quality of your professional profile, we need your photograph. We have devised a process that will enable you to take it yourself.

Please note that we recommend that you closely follow our recommendations to take a picture of good quality (or else, you might have to retake it!).

One piece of advice for your picture: smile! This magic word is key for a great photo!

Guidelines to take your profile picture:

  • Pick an area with natural light and a white background.

  • Wear a top with a solid colour, ideally black. If you have a Wecasa apron or blouse, you can wear it.

  • Please take off your glasses and take off any hats.

  • Stand straight, in front of the camera, or slightly turned towards the left.

  • Look straight at the camera, with your arms folded or by your side.

  • IMPORTANT: don't forget to smile!

  • Please make sure that you take a head-and-shoulders portrait.

Please note that we do not accept selfies.

Please make sure that the photograph is clear and not too dark. Please send us at least 2 pictures, named after you, at

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