If you have just booked with Wecasa, or are thinking of booking, and have many questions about how an at-home hair appointment actually works, this article is for you!

To start with, please note that we are here to make your life easier. Our at-home services are accessible to each and everyone of you, whether you live in a small London studio, or a bigger house in the suburbs. The PROs will adapt themselves to your space, you do not have to adapt your space to them! Please find below some advice to best prepare for your booking. We are always at your disposal, if needed, to answer any and all questions that you may have.

Our first advice would be to always have your phone switched on, and at hand, because the professional might contact you before the booking.

Did you know that the service that you order on Wecasa is entirely customisable? You can therefore create your ideal hair appointment: with or without shampoo, with a hair mask if needed, with a simple or sophisticated blow dry... There are no compulsory services, you are free to decide!.

Where should I sit ?

Before the professional arrives at your home, pick the ideal place to have your hair service. If you are lucky to have a big bathroom, that could be ideal, but a living room is also perfectly fine. There are no set rules, it's at your convenience! The only thing that you must think about is to prepare a chair for you to sit on.

We advise that you choose somewhere in front of a mirror, or with a mirror close-by, or in front of a table on which the pro can put a mirror. Choose a comfortable chair, which you can place at the chosen spot, so that the service can start as soon as the hairstylist arrives.

If you have asked for a blow-dry, or any other service that needs a specific tool, please check that an electric plug is easily accessible in the close vicinity of the chosen spot. You can also use an extension chord, if needed.

Do I need to wash my hair beforehand?

Yes, you do, if you have asked for a haircut without a hair wash. We suggest that you wash your hair 15 mins before the appointment, in order for it to still be damp when the hairdresser comes. If it has dried too quickly, the hairdresser can always humidify your hair with a spray if necessary.

If you have asked for highlights or a full hair dye, it is best to not wash your hair on the day of the appointment. If it's a blow-dry, and you want to have very straight hair, we suggest that you wash your hair before the appointment. Finally, if you ask for a hair dye or a balayage, a hair wash is compulsory to the service. The hairdresser will do if after they are done with the colour.

If you have asked for you hair to be washed, the hairdresser will most likely come with a portable hair wash basin. Depending on the way your bathroom is set up, they might have to use your shower or bathtub. In all cases, they will adapt themselves to your space.

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