To modify your booking, please go to your client area and select the booking that you would like to modify.

In the 'your order' section, you can click on the 'modify my order" button:

You will then be able to modify the date and/or time of the booking, as well as the nature of the service planned.

If your appointment hasn't been confirmed yet, the modification will be effective immediately.

If you wish to modify the date and time of your appointment, or add or take away services, you can ask your professional to modify the booking.

Beware! The modification will only be confirmed once it has been accepted by X.

If the appointment has already been confirmed, the modification will be communicated to your professional. They can either accept it or refuse it.

If they accept it, the modification will be confirmed.

If they refuse it, the modification will not be confirmed, and the appointment will run as planned originally. You will then be free to cancel the appointment if you wish.

Please note: The modification will only be effective once the professional has accepted it.

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