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Who are the Wecasa pros and how are they selected?
Who are the Wecasa pros and how are they selected?
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At Wecasa, we pay the utmost attention to customer satisfaction, and that means selecting our partners carefully! The services we offer are provided by qualified professionals.

We select the best profiles in your sector to guarantee you a quality experience 👍

Wecasa professionals are self-employed people who have set up their own micro-business and applied to join our network.

Before validating our partnership, we have checked their qualifications and identity, so that we can guarantee you the best professionals in your area.

  • In the case of hairdressing, beauty and massage services, we carefully check the diplomas, certifications and experience of our professionals.

  • In the case of cleaning partners, we check their eligibility and verify their identity and their police record. Finally, we check their experience by telephone.

At the end of a Wecasa service, you can rate your professional via a satisfaction survey. We'll ask you to rate the quality of the service, as well as punctuality, courtesy and the materials used. For future orders, you'll be able to choose whether or not to use the same professional: his or her profile will automatically be proposed to you.

All our customer feedback is carefully studied. We share it with our pros so that they can take it into account and constantly improve. We keep only the professionals with the highest ratings within our network.

When you place your first order with Wecasa, as with all subsequent orders, we guarantee that a quality professional will come to your home.

🚨If, however, at the end of your appointment, you have a comment to make about one of them, we will of course be at your disposal to discuss the matter and we will pass on your remark.

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