Offering fair prices to both our clients and our professionals is key to Wecasa.

What's a fair price ?

We believe that a fair price must enable as many clients as possible to benefit from high-quality services, whilst also guaranteeing a decent standard of living for our professionals.

As a result:

  • Wecasa is not an expensive service destined or limited to a certain elite. Our rates are accessibles to the many, not the few, and have been tailored geographically. Indeed, Wecasa's rates are similar to that of a standard hairdressers, spa, or beautician near you.

  • Wecasa is not a low cost service. Some wish to find the cheapest solution possible. Whilst we respect that choice, it isn't ours, as we consider it to be incompatible with the respect that we confer to our professionals.

To guarantee long term high-quality services to our clients, we look for qualified and reliable professionals to work for Wecasa. To do so, we must, amongst other things, offer an attractive and adequate pay to reward their work.

Wecasa's partners are self-employed professionals, who make a living out of the services that they provide. They have to declare their income, from which are deducted taxes.

It is fundamental to Wecasa that the professionals who work with us earn a 'fair' living. We stand convinced that happy clients are strongly correlated with happy professionals.

Building upon this, our professional endeavour is to ensure that the PROs provide the best services possible for their clients, taking sufficient time to carry out the service to the best of their abilities, and using high-end products. This will enable them to earn a good living and work with our clients on the long term.

For the same price, benefit from a higher quality service!

Our promise to you is that for a similar price to the one that you are used to, you can benefit from a better service with Wecasa!

Why is the service better ?

  • Because we work with fantastic pros who are devoted to their work.

  • Because the service takes place in the comfort of your own home.

  • Because the professional will be entirely dedicated to you during the entirety of the service.

  • Because you will be able to book instantly online, even last minute, from our website or app.

  • Because our services are available at the time that suits you best, 7 days/7, from 7am to 10pm.

  • Because you will no longer need to queue.

  • Because you will be able to choose the same professional next time, and then after.

And the Wecasa commission?

In order to finance our services, we take a reasonable commission of 20% on every service.

This commission enables us to pay the 30 members of staff that work on creating and running the website, selecting the best pros and ensuring customer service for our clients. It also permits us to finance advertising campaigns, which are fundamental to enhancing people's knowledge of the business, and bringing new clients to professionals!

The cost linked to the commission is split between the client, who pays for the service, and the professional. Indeed, we enable Wecasa pros to benefit from many bookings and services that facilitate their work. This enables them to come out on top, despite the fact that there are paid slightly less that they would be if they were paid by the client directly.

In exchange of the commission, we offer a range of different services:

For the client:

  • Booking instantly online, even at the last minute

  • Having the possibility to pick between vetted and rated pros

  • Having the possibility to modify and cancel bookings

  • Online card payment

  • Customer service

For the professional

  • A full portfolio of new clients, thanks to our marketing efforts

  • Hassle-free client bookings

  • Optimisation of the booking agenda and transport

  • Customer service

  • Guaranteed payment

  • Hassle-free invoicing and processing payments

  • Personalised help to succeed and continuously improve

  • Opportunity to join a community to meet others and exchange tips

By relieving the pros from their administrative, marketing and commercial tasks and responsibilities, we enable them to concentrate on what they know and like best: their job!

Where can I find Wecasa's prices ?

To see our prices, you need to go on our booking form and select the services that you are looking for. The price of your basket will be automatically updated. Click on the following links to have direct access to the forms:

Mobile hair

Mobile massage

Mobile beauty

Please note that our prices can vary from one city to another.

At Wecasa, all of our prices take into account the equipment used by the professional as well as transport costs.

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