Offering fair prices to both our clients and our professionals is key to Wecasa. This means that as many clients as possible can benefit from high-quality services, while pros are guaranteed a decent standard of living. As a result:

  • Wecasa is not an expensive or exclusive service. Our rates are accessible, and are comparable to standard hairdresser, massage parlor, beautician or cleaner rates.

  • Wecasa is not an ultra-low cost service either, as we consider this to be incompatible with treating professionals with respect. It is fundamental to Wecasa that the professionals we partner with earn a fair living.

To see our prices, you'll need to go to our booking form, either online or in the Wecasa app, and select the services you're looking for—the price of your basket will be updated automatically. The price of your basket will be updated automatically, with no hidden fees to worry about!

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