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Rate customers after the appointment

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After each appointment, we send you an email inviting you to "rate" your customer and give us any comments you may have 🏅

What is the purpose of this rating?

At Wecasa, we're obsessed about satisfaction—not just our clients' satisfaction, but the satisfaction of our professionals, too!

By completing this survey, you are sharing your experience with us and enabling us to find out a little more about how the appointment went. Rest assured, feedback can only be consulted internally by the Wecasa team.

In the event of negative feedback from you, we would be led to want to know more and get in touch with you.

❌ In the case of a customer behaving inappropriately, following your feedback, we may ban them from our platform in order to protect you: they would then no longer be able to proceed with bookings with Wecasa!

Other uses?

We are looking into other ways of using this information. In the near future, for example, you will be able to access certain information about your colleagues who have already worked with customers. When you accept a proposal for an appointment, you'll be able to see the average rating given to the customer by his former pros, as well as their comments.

All these actions help to create trust between professionals and customers on the Wecasa platform!

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