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The client isn't home, what should I do?
The client isn't home, what should I do?

The customer is absent - Reporting an absent customer

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You've arrived at the address provided by the customer but no-one has replied? What should you do?

We'll explain it all here! 👇

I'm a cleaner

I need to use the Check In feature by clicking on "I have a problem" and then click on "the client isn't here", and we'll contact them. We will let you know when you can leave the premises (after 30min). This step is necessary to trigger the payment of the cancellation fees (100% of the session, up to £40)

I'm a hairdresser, beautician and massage therapist

1) Report their absence

Five minutes after the appointment start time, a "client absent" button will appear in your Wecasa Pro app, in the section for the current appointment. When you press this button, we'll tell the client that you've arrived and try to find out where they are—as soon as they reply, we'll pass that information onto you.

💡 It also lets us know that, for your part, you've turned up for the appointment.

2) Message the client yourself

As well as letting us know that the client is absent, you can get in touch with them directly, through the in-app chat. They'll receive a Wecasa notification, a text and an email for each message you send.

3) Wait a few minutes

Sometimes the client might be running late on the way home—perhaps they're stuck in traffic or on the train. Once you've let us know the client is absent, you should wait 20 minutes, to give the client time to arrive or reply to you.

4) If the client still hasn't arrived

If, even after alerting us and waiting for 20 minutes, the client still hasn't turned up, you can leave. Unless the client provides a good reason for their absence or you agree to waive the fee, they will be charged the full price of their booking, up to £40. You'll receive 100% of this fee to compensate you for your time.

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