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How do I select the services I offer?
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In your account settings, you can select and update the services you provide at any time. To do this, from your app, go to the "more" tab, then "services". Then tick or untick the services you do or don't offer!

👍 This way, if you make sure your account settings are correct, you'll only receive proposals for services that match your skills.

🌟 The more different services you offer, the greater your chances of receiving offers and increasing your income!

If you'd like to offer services in several areas, you must :

  • either select all universes when you join

  • if you're a beauty professional, you can add massage directly from your pro area

  • otherwise, you can ask us to add a universe by email

🚨 For each universe you select, you'll need to upload proof of the corresponding diploma!

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