New feature: check-in

Discover the new feature to help you communicate with your client easily in case of unforeseen events.

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🆕 New feature:

The Wecasa Pro app is evolving to make it easier to manage your appointments and chat with your clients.

This new feature allows you to report when you arrive at your client's home, and in case of unforeseen events, let your client and Wecasa know quickly.

🧽 Who is this for?

Only for cleaning pros.

📱How does it work?

You can access this new feature on the homepage or at the top of the appointment page 30 minutes before the session starts.

🕐 Why should I report my arrival?

  • You are protected if something happens during a session.

  • Useful in case of dispute with a client, should they contest your visit.

  • It prevents billing for a cancelled or modified session.

🏃 Encountering an issue?

You can contact us directly (without going through the chatbot 😊) and take all the necessary actions. Easy peasy!

If you happen to have an issue, please select the problem that fits the most with your situation. This step is mandatory to trigger the different actions. We will then take care of the rest. Below are a few examples.

Are you running late?

Let us know how late you will be so we can notify your client via chat.

Session modified?

Share with us the new date and time so that we can adjust the appointment

❌ Please note that modifications should be first agreed upon with your client.

Is your client absent?

Report their absence, and we'll contact them. We will let you know when you can leave the premises. This step is necessary to trigger the payment of the cancellation fees (100% of the session, up to £40)

Does your client want to cancel the session?

The client has said the session was cancelled but has yet to report it. Let us know

Do you need to cancel?

Do you have a last-minute imperative? It happens! We'll make sure to take care of cancelling the session and let your client know.

💡 Good to know:
These reports are optional and not mandatory. However, they could make the whole process much smoother for you, the client and us. Want to give it a try?

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