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Manage my Wecasa schedule

Working hours - Personal appointments - Absence - Blocked days - Blocked slots

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1) Working hours

It's up to you to set your opening hours (7am to 10pm, 7 days a week), so that you can receive appointment proposals when you're available!

You can:

  • delete a day completely

  • define a shorter time slot during the day

  • create several time slots in the same day

These rules apply to all days of the year and are reflected in your diary. You will only receive Wecasa proposals for your available time slots.

2) Personal appointments

If you are temporarily unavailable, you will need to indicate this in your diary as a personal appointment, and not in your opening hours.

Wecasa appointments are automatically added to your diary in orange.

To add a personal appointment, simply click on the calendar or on "add an event".

3) Absences

When you are unavailable for several days (holidays, other work....), you can add an absence. You will no longer receive any proposals for which an appointment is requested during this period. Go to the Plus tab > Absences.

By entering your absence from your Wecasa Pro application, you will be able to cancel all your appointments already scheduled for this period.

🚨 Don't hesitate to notify beforehand, your customers of these cancellations.

📎 Please note: the absence concerns the requested appointment date, not the date the proposal is sent. In this way, you will be able to receive proposals while you are away, but for appointments scheduled when you return.

You can tick the "Do not disturb" option so that you do not receive offers during your holidays for appointments when you return!

4) Blocked days

When you cancel an appointment, it is a source of great dissatisfaction for our customers and we often find it difficult to get you replaced. We consider that when you cancel an appointment, it's because something unforeseen has come up and you are unavailable for the whole day.

You therefore keep the appointments already in your diary, but you can no longer receive new proposals for that day.

When you have to cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, you must not ask your customer to cancel for you, as this will limit your account.

📎 Please note: an appointment cancelled more than a week in advance will not result in your day being blocked.

Don't forget that the number of appointments you keep is part of your Wecasa score. By cancelling too many appointments, you lower your score and reduce the number of new appointments you may receive.

5) Blocked slots

In your diary you may see blocked slots, which appear in red and are marked "Unavailable".

These are Wecasa proposals that you have refused by indicating "not available". You can therefore no longer receive offers for this time slot.

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