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Booking for a client at the end of a session
Booking for a client at the end of a session
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For beauty, hairdressing and massage services, it is now possible to reschedule a session for one of your clients from your app, as soon as your first appointment is over.

Do I have to agree with the client before rescheduling a session?

Yes, the client must have given their consent beforehand. You will be notified before you can reschedule a session.

Will the customer be debited immediately?

The customer will only be debited the day after the scheduled session, as usual.

Can I change (or add) services when rescheduling an appointment?

Yes, you can. You can choose the same service that your client previously chose, or agree to add additional services.

Do we receive confirmation emails?

You will both receive emails/notifications when the new appointment is confirmed.

How do I re-book?

Once a session has been completed, a "Reschedule" button will appear on the booking details.

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