When booking on Wecasa, we make sure to find the best available PRO for you. Let us explain!

Our promise: to save you time by bringing dedicated and talented professionals that best suit your needs directly to you.

Whether it be for hair, beauty, or massage, our job at Wecasa is to pick the perfect PRO for you. As experts in the field, we guarantee that your satisfaction will be higher from our pick than if you had chosen yourself.

With over 50 000 verified reviews, and an average rate of 4.9/5, we stand convinced that the choice that we make is the right one for our clients.

This is why.

All Wecasa pros are talented

Let's start at the very beginning: ALL Wecasa pros are talented professionals. Why?

  • To begin with, our rationale is that we want to offer services to our clients that we would recommend to our relatives, our friends... Picking the pro for you means that we have an obligation of results. If clients are disappointed about the service, they come to us directly... And if there's something that we don't like at Wecasa, it's unhappy clients!

  • We select them thoroughly : all of the PROs that work with Wecasa are self-employed PROs with a diploma or a certification. This is all checked by our services before they begin to work with clients.

  • We help them to better themselves: at Wecasa, we are strong believers in individual potential. Our pros are passionate, dedicated, with a strong desire to earn a good living from their skills. Our role is to help them do that. We therefore help our professionals to better themselves so that becoming a Wecasa partner helps them to become more skilful. This is done through the support of our team, client feedback, as well as the Wecasa Academy, a training centre for mobile pros.

  • We know when to stop: and sometimes, when this is not enough, we put an end to things. If we notice that a pro does not comply with our requirements, or that their action has prevented them from doing so, we put an end to our partnership.

Presenting quality professionals to you is not only our philosophy, but in our best interest: we want you to automatically use Wecasa. It's therefore our job to find the hidden gems!

How can I choose the right PRO at the right time?

As a result, all Wecasa pros are good at what they do, but they are also uniquely different in their own way.

How can I choose the right PRO?

How can I choose the right PRO among all of the talented individuals that work for Wecasa? This can be done by looking at reviews.

But how do you choose between 10 pros who all have great reviews? Are reviews sufficient to know everything about a pro? For instance, a pro can have 10 great reviews for 100 services or 10 great reviews for 10 services. This is quite different.

And let's be honest: the pro's picture will often be very important when picking a pro. However, if there's one thing that really doesn't tell you much about somebody's skills, it's their picture!

How can I find the right time ?

The right time is often complex for at-home services. Indeed, each pro operates a different geographical area, optimises its work day, or has a large portfolio of clients... As a result, for a quality pro, it's almost impossible to know in advance when they would be free.

As our pros are very popular, they have many clients and must tightly manage their schedules.

This is why, when you book, each pro is free to accept or turn down each offer. This total freedom is what enables Wecasa to work with the best pros, who would never accept to have a controlled timetable, or be forced to accept a booking. They are independent, and we respect that.

As a result, to make sure that you can secure a booking when wanted, we work with over 3000 pros, which means that we are (almost always) guaranteed to have some available for you, whatever your needs.

If you had the choice between our PROs, you would have to take time to pick between a few excellent profiles, before seeing that the person that you have chosen would not be available at a given time...

Our selection algorithm

As a result, picking a PRO yourself is time-consuming, without a guarantee that this is the right choice, or if the pro is available. Yet, our goal at Wecasa is to help you save time. To do so, we have devised an intelligent algorithm that picks the best pro a lot better than you would do yourself...

The algorithm sees what you don't!

Indeed, the algorithm selects the best PRO for you on a range of criteria:

  • The average rating, taking into consideration clients who may have not rated the pro : but also the rate that past clients have given to the pro and the proportion who didn't rate the pro. This gives us an average satisfaction rate.

  • Retention rate : have past clients used the same pro again? This is very important to us because it's a transparent indicator of client satisfaction.

  • Reliability rate : sometimes, an emergency arises and a pro might have to cancel a booking. This happens, and we make sure to find a solution for the client. However, if this happens too often, it's no longer acceptable. Our algorithm thus takes our pros' reliability into consideration.

  • Distance : our algorithm knows where our pros reside, and where they are used to working. To lower their commute, we use this information accordingly when reaching out to them.

Other criteria are taken into account, enabling us to evaluate a pro's work more fairly than just using reviews.

It doesn't send requests to everyone at the same time

Our objective is to find the best pro available at a given time. We will therefore reach out to our PROs 1 by 1, starting with the best ones, and waiting for their answers. Rest assured that all of the pros that we reach out to are talent professionals but between them all, we strive to find the best one for you.

As a result, the highest the client satisfaction, the more we will request a Wecasa pro.

It adapts quickly to all situations

A daily blow-dry or a wedding updo are two very different services. As a result, for certain technical services, our algorithm will only select our most experienced and successful pros.

It knows everyone's habits

Knowing if a pro is available and if they can come to you is certainly a challenge. To do so, our algorithm translates each of our pro's habits. How far are they willing to travel? When are they free to work?

This enables us to quickly mobilise the best pros. As a client, it enables you to book instantly, to have a quick confirmation, and to soon have a talented professional at home. Not too bad, no?

What if I want to use the same one again?

After having matched you with a fantastic PRO to come to your home, our picking job is done!

As a result, when you book on Wecasa again, you will get to choose whether or not you would like to use the same pro.

Most often, you would have loved the pro, and would like to use their services again. That's not an issue! You will be able to tell us that when booking next time and we will reach out to him directly. We will do our best to tell you when they're free.

However, an at-home service is a human experience. Your pro might be very good at what they do, but not quite your fit. Or you might not have got on with each other! When booking next time, you can therefore choose to pick a new pro, and we will make sure to match you with someone else.

For your satisfaction and against discrimination

We made the choice at the very beginning of Wecasa to pick the pro for you. This is a difficult choice that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Today, we are proud to have made that choice. Indeed, having to pick for you has led us to become even more demanding towards the quality of our services, which benefits both our clients and our pros.

This choice enables you today to book an appointment as late as 2h beforehand, whilst still having a highly qualified pro.

As a result, we are proud of this scheme that enables us to fight against discriminations. At Wecasa, pros are not chosen according to their gender, their skin-colour or their age, but their skills. A nice picture will not be sufficient for a pro to succeed on Wecasa, we are looking for high quality work.

Our clients can thus be happy to have met a talented pro that they might have not picked themselves through Wecasa.

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