Let's dust off domestic cleaning

Let's bring domestic cleaning into the digital age

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Have you noticed that domestic cleaning services have mostly stayed the same since the growth of cleaning agencies?

For many customers, booking a cleaning service remains far too complicated: challenging to find the right person, anxious about hiring someone directly, not comfortable to commit, and scared of hidden costs and administrative complexity... As a result, many people don't end up giving domestic cleaning a shot, and that's too bad!

Thanks to Wecasa Cleaning, we aimed to bring domestic home cleaning into the digital age. We created the kind of cleaning service we had always dreamed of using ourselves! Find out more here👇

We want last-minute bookings

Sometimes, you get back home and realise the chores are not manageable anymore. You need some help! That's why, at Wecasa, you can book a same-day cleaning session. Yes, you heard us right; you can have a cleaning session spontaneously.

We want super professionals

A cleaning service is a good idea, but with fantastic pros, it's (much) better, right?! We want to work with trustworthy partners, someone you can leave your keys with, someone who will give you the 'WoW' result. This is why we thoroughly vet our pros through a rigorous selection process involving interviews, reference checks, and criminal background checks... Afterwards, each session is rated, and we pay close attention to every bit of feedback!

We want well-paid and happy pros

For our customers to be happy, our professionals need to be happy with their work. It's not always easy when it comes to the cleaning industry. Therefore, we made a clear choice: pay them according to the London Living Wage and provide them with good working conditions.

At Wecasa, our partners receive over 70% of the session. They are free to accept or refuse any jobs. They can choose when and where they want to work. And all this with good working conditions.

Regular cleaning, one-off cleaning, or both!

Have you noticed how all cleaning services try to lock you into a specific frequency? At Wecasa, we are not fond of obligations. If you're satisfied, you'll come back. So, you can book a weekly cleaning session with the same pro or a one-off cleaning session because you only need it for this time precisely. It's up to you; you pick and choose.

You can even have both: a regular plan and a one-off cleaning session. The best part? If you have chosen regular cleaning, there's no obligation either: you can modify or cancel at any time. Just like that!

We want to manage everything from our smartphones

I don't know about you, but we don't want a salesperson coming, having to make a phone call for every change, waiting for a response... That's why our cleaning service can be entirely managed from your smartphone. Thanks to our app, you book your session, communicate with your pro, make changes if needed, cancel a session... You are in control. Easy peasy!

We want a genuine customer service

Sometimes, technology can't do it all. A cleaning service is a service handled by another human being. That's why our customer service is available Monday through Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach us via email, phone, chat, or SMS. You will find that our customer service managers are brilliant and will go the extra mile to find solutions for you.

We want a service-oriented approach

When you hire a house cleaner to take care of your home, you don't want to end up dealing with redundancy procedures, sick leave or any other administrative hassles. That's why at Wecasa, we want a service-oriented approach. You are purchasing hours of cleaning from a self-employed person. You're not their employer. If you decide to stop, you stop, and that's it.

Our belief? By cleverly combining technology and human values, it's possible to offer a cleaning service that simplifies our customers' daily lives as well as providing respectful work for our partners.

And you, are you ready? Let's revamp domestic cleaning together!

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