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What do I do if my pro is late or hasn't turned up?
What do I do if my pro is late or hasn't turned up?
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Is it past your appointment time and yet your Wecasa pro still hasn't arrived? ⏰

First of all, report this absence directly from your app or customer area: to do this, select the service concerned, then click on the "X is late, what should I do?" button.

This will send an automatic reminder to your professional asking them to get in touch with you quickly.

🚨 The "professional late" button does not appear until 5 minutes after the start of the appointment.

💡20 minutes after your professional has been reported being late, we'll get back to you via the app's chat to find out if he's finally arrived!

✉️ You can also contact your pro directly by sending them a message from the integrated messaging system in your customer area or app.

📌 When they arrive, you can ask your pro to make up for any delay at the end of the service. If this is not possible, your pro must then update the duration of your session via their app. You can also let us know via the application by clicking on the session concerned, then "report a problem", "the session lasted less than expected", so that we can update it!

🚨 This information must be sent to us no later than midday the day after your appointment so that we can update it before your payment is activated.

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