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Can I book with the same pro as last time?
Can I book with the same pro as last time?

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice?

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At Wecasa, we believe in building client-professional relationships, so we make it easy as possible to rebook with the same pro! 😍

When you make your next booking, you can use the booking form to tell us whether you would like to contact your favourite professional by clicking on their profile.

🌟 Once you've selected the service you want, the profile of your former professionals will be automatically displayed.

🚨 Please note that selecting the desired professional does not guarantee that they will come. If the professional is unavailable or refuses your request, we will come back to you to ask if we can call on other qualified professionals from our network. You can of course accept or refuse this proposal!

💡 If the profile of your former professional does not appear, this means that he has changed his area of operation or that he is unfortunately no longer part of the Wecasa network.

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