Rest assured: you have the right to refuse as many proposals as you'd like, it'll never affect your score! However, if you refuse 50 proposals in a row, your account might be temporarily placed on hold—don't worry, this is just so we can get in touch and check that you're still able to work with us. What's important for us is:

  • That you respond to every proposal as quickly as you can, even if you're only refusing it. This allows us to send the proposal to another pro if you aren't available, so that we can give our clients a quick response. If you do not respond to four proposals in a row, your account will be placed on hold until we can get in touch with you and see if everything's okay.

  • That you honour the proposals you accept. Accepting a proposal is making a commitment to show up to it: the client is counting on you, and so are we! If you accept a proposal, you must turn up; if an emergency stops you from attending an appointment, please let us know as early as possible.

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