How to report inappropriate behaviour?

Report inappropriate behaviour - A customer asks for my business card

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Reporting inappropriate behaviour

At Wecasa, we are particularly committed to the notion of respect, for both professionals and customers.

🚨 So, if you receive an offer with an inappropriate comment, receive an inappropriate message or visit a customer whose behaviour is disturbing: contact us directly via the app. We'll make sure they can no longer book via Wecasa!

A customer asks me for a business card to go live? What should I do?

As a Wecasa professional, it's essential to build loyalty with your clientele. However, it's strictly forbidden to 'take Wecasa clients private,' that is to say, to work with them directly after having been introduced through Wecasa. So, what should you say if a client asks for your business card?

  • They can rebook with you through Wecasa

During their first booking, clients aren't able to choose their professional. However, during subsequent bookings, clients are able to choose if they'd like to work with a pro they've seen before. This means that clients will be able to rebook exclusively with you, even restricting their booking to the times you're available if they want.

  • It's simpler and more secure

Booking on Wecasa means secure card payments and transparent pricing—so no need for the client to get cash out before the appointment, and no nasty surprises when they get the bill.

  • They'll pay the same price

If a client asks to work with you directly, it's often because they think it'll cost them less. But this won't necessarily be true: we work hard to offer fair prices, and our 20% commission is shared between you and the client.

  • It'll hurt your Wecasa score

Finally, you can explain that if they book with you outside Wecasa, it'll hurt your Wecasa score. The more your Wecasa clients rebook with you, the more your score will increase, and so the more proposals you'll be sent. In addition, the client has the option of leaving you a review after each appointment—good reviews will increase your Wecasa score as well! In effect, if the client books with you outside of Wecasa, they'll hurt your reputation and the number of proposals you receive in future.

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