Mani-pedi: best practices

A few tips to conduct a fantastic mani-pedi session

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At Wecasa, our role is to ensure the quality of the sessions. To achieve this, we have created best practices videos to establish a standardised level of quality.

Our recommendation? By following them, you will increase your base of loyal customers 👇

So, what do these best practices in mani-pedi involve?

Here's what client love!

🧼 Upon arrival at your client's home, wash your hands and sanitise your equipment. This is reassuring and shows you care for hygiene and equipment maintenance.

💅🏻 Opt for professional brands such as OPI, Shellac, Indigo, Essie, Victoria Vyne, Kure Bazar, or even Peggy Sage.

⛔ If possible, don't use high-street brands like L'Oréal, Boots, Gemey Maybelline, Sephora, or other non-professional brands available on Amazon. This is what distinguishes a DIY manicure from a professional one.

🤩 Clients absolutely love having options. We recommend having 10 different nail polish colours so that they can pick and choose their favourite.

The little extras to create the "WoW" effect?

😍 Offering them the choice out of 20 different shades is even better.

💇🏻 Showing your clients the current trends and adapting them to the season.

These are recommendations, not obligations. We created those based on extensive client feedback. Trust us; you'll see the difference if you follow our recommendation.

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