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Learn more about the 'products supplied' option
Learn more about the 'products supplied' option
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At Wecasa, you can receive two types of orders:

  • Standard: the client will provide all equipments and products you need for the cleaning session.

  • A cleaning session with the products supplied option: the client will provide the equipment and will expect you to provide the cleaning products.

Here is an article explaining the importance of this option and the products to prepare for these types of cleaning sessions.

Why propose this option to the client?
At Wecasa, the client can choose a cleaning appointment with the “products supplied” option. If they choose this option, it is your responsibility to arrive with your own cleaning products.
This option pays you an extra £1.50 per hour!
When this option is added to your profile, you are likely to receive many more proposals per week! It’s worth it, don’t you think?

What products to prepare?
You only need 5 essential products for your session. All these products can fit in a small bag or a backpack.

  1. All purpose cleaner: degreaser to be used on all surfaces

  2. White vinegar: sanitises, cleans and freshens many surfaces

  3. Disinfectant: sanitises and cleans with no need for rinsing

  4. Baking soda: helps to dissolve dirt and greases easily in water

  5. A scouring cream: especially for the maintenance of the kitchen and the bathroom

Remember to always bring micro-fibre cloths, they’re light and easy to carry. You can wash the cloths by simply throwing them in the washing machine.

For your protection, bring some indoor shoes or overshoes, an apron and some gloves to protect your hands. You can always have a mask on you.

What equipment must be systematically offered by the customer?
You client should have a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, a mop but also a squeegee, perfect for shower walls and windows.

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