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How do payments work?
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We've worked hard to make our payments system automatic, simple and secure, both for you and for the client.

On the client's end

When clients book online, they enter their card details. We ask their bank for a pre-authorisation hold, which makes sure that they have enough money in their account to pay for the service.

At 2pm on the day after the service, we automatically debit the client's bank account.

🚨This is why all booking modifications must be made up to midday on the day after the appointment.

Debits are performed by our financial partner, Stripe. Stripe credits a virtual wallet in your name with the amount we owe you for the service, and credits a Wecasa wallet to hold the commission we take on each booking.

Your weekly payment

📌 By default, the transfer to your account is made every week if you opt for a weekly payment frequency.

🌟 This means that, in normal operation, the amount corresponding to your services performed between Friday and Saturday of the following week will arrive in your account the following Monday.

As soon as a a transfer has been made, you will receive a breakdown of your payment by email. This information is also available in the 'My payments' section of your Wecasa Pro app. You can see every transfer we've made to you, as well as the details of each transfer, including:

  • The names of clients you've worked with

  • The dates of each appointment

  • The types of service you've performed

  • The amount you've earned for each

Switching to monthly payments

📌 If you'd like, you can switch to monthly payments—this can be done in the 'Bank account' section of the Wecasa Pro app.

🌟 Payment of your benefits is then made in the last week of the month and arrives in your account on the 31st of the month. The transfer is initiated a few days before (around the 28th of the month).

🚨 Benefits paid between the 28th and 31st of the month will therefore be paid the following month.

Where are my earnings sent?

We transfer your earnings to the bank account whose details you have provided in the Wecasa Pro app or your client area. You can change bank accounts at any time, but please note that it can take up to a week for our payment partner to process this change, so you may still receive one payment to the previous bank account.

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