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Occasionally, clients might book a massage for two, which is to say a massage for two clients (usually a couple) and requiring two massage therapists.

If this is the case, we'll ask the client to make two bookings, and to indicate in the booking notes that they're booking a massage for two. This way, you'll know if a massage proposal is for two people. As our system treats massages for two as two separate bookings, we'll find another professional for the client's other booking.

Punctuality is particularly important for these massages. The clients' goal is to have their massages at the same time—so if one of the professionals arrives 20 minutes late, they're going to have a big problem! It might even be a good idea to arrive a few minutes early, so that you can meet the other professional and meet the client together.

As for the massage itself, there's no need to make it identical to what the other pro is performing—each client has their own preferences, and often, the other client will even have booked a different kind of massage.

If Wecasa is unable to find a professional for the other half of the massage, it'll be up to the client whether or not to keep your appointment or cancel. Rest assured that if they keep the appointment, you won't be required to perform two massages, and that in any case, it's exceedingly rare that we only find one professional for a massage for two.

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