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For professionals, the Wecasa partnership is totally free and without obligation. You are free to accept or reject any proposal you receive.

However, you must make certain commitments to ensure that the partnership runs smoothly

1) Respond to proposals

You are never obliged to accept, but you must respond to each proposal. Your response is important to us, so that we can respond promptly to the customer.

2) Keep appointments

By accepting an appointment, you undertake to honor it and to be punctual. While it is possible to cancel in the event of an emergency or genuine unforeseen event, this must remain exceptional. In the event of abusive cancellations, the partnership may be suspended or even terminated.

3) Delivering quality services

When we entrust you with our customers, we are placing our trust in you to satisfy them. Your services must therefore comply with the state of the art, and the products used must be professional. Each service will then be evaluated by the customer. A good average score is essential to the partnership.

4) Respect the partnership

Customers wishing to recommend a new home must do so via Wecasa. They can then choose to come back to you. Under no circumstances should you leave a personal business card or give out your telephone number.

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