How does Wecasa's insurance work?

How does Wecasa's insurance work ?

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As a Wecasa partner, all the services you perform through our platform are covered by free public liability insurance, meaning that you can work with peace of mind ! 👍

You’ll be insured for up to £1,000,000 per claim, for damages resulting from accidental bodily injury to the client or to their property. This includes defense costs up to £15,000.

🚨 Please note that there is an excess of £150 for accidental property damage claims : this means that, for property damage claims, you will have to cover up to £150 of the damage yourself.

The insurance is provided by our partner, Collective Benefits. After you’ve partnered with us, they’ll get in touch with you on the first of the month with instructions on how to set up the insurance and make a claim. Don’t worry if you start accepting proposals before the first ! Once you’ve set up the insurance, you’ll be covered retroactively.

💡 If you're a massage therapist, beautician or hairdresser, please note that this insurance only covers accidental injuries, not professional indemnity or malpractice (for example, a client being burnt by wax or injured by a massage). Therefore, although it isn't required, we strongly recommend that massage therapists, beauticians and hairdressers obtain an additional professional indemnity insurance and send us a copy.

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