You've booked a cleaning service for the first time, and you're wondering how things are going to work? We will explain everything with a 5-point checklist so that you don't forget anything.

1. Give all the practical information before the appointment

To save time for this first service, remember to give all the logistical details to the cleaner who will come to your home: the address of course, but also any entry codes and all the details to facilitate access (if there are any). This saves time on the day.

2. Prepare the household cleaning products

The professional will use your products to clean the different rooms in your flat or house. It is up to you to prepare the necessary household products, which leaves you the possibility of choosing your favourite brands (why not ecological products? They are very effective and available in all price ranges).

Here is a list of essential products:

  • Pure white vinegar. Economical and very effective, it can be used to clean many things in the house, from the microwave to a shower window.

  • A multi-purpose spray, for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

  • A detergent for the toilet bowl

  • Products for different types of surfaces: wood, floor, glass... it's up to you to decide what you need for your surfaces.

  • Bleach (pure or integrated into a cleaning product) for the areas to be disinfected

If you don't have the products, don't panic, with Wecasa Cleaning, you can take the Products option meaning your cleaner will come with their own products.

3. Prepare the cleaning and ironing equipment

As far as equipment is concerned, here are the essentials:

  • The vacuum cleaner, which is essential for cleaning the floors. NB: if you have several types of nozzle, and even if you do not usually use them, take them out. Your cleaner may find them very useful. If your bag is full, this is a good opportunity to change it, so that your cleaner can work in good conditions.

  • A mop and bucket, another essential for maintaining your floors.

  • Sponges, don't forget to tell the cleaner what each one is for (dishes, table, taps, etc.).

  • Microfibre cloths, very useful for cleaning all surfaces without damaging them.

  • If you have requested ironing, prepare your ironing board and iron.

If you have other cleaning equipment don't hesitate to make it available and discuss its usefulness with your cleaner. That way you will be sure for the next time.

4. Take time to talk before the service

For a first cleaning service, take the time to go round the different rooms with your cleaner. This will enable them to allocate their time properly and to draw up an initial inventory of the premises.

Also remember to give them a list of your expectations, which you can write down beforehand. Which are the areas that are most important to you for a successful clean? On the other hand, what are the elements on which you can compromise if they are short on time? This information is invaluable for your satisfaction.

5. Answer your cleaner's questions, while giving them some autonomy

During a cleaning service, you don't always know how what to do: should you stay at home or go out? It's up to you, there are no rules. In both cases, for a first service, it is a good idea to be there to welcome your cleaner and also to be there when you leave to make an initial assessment.

You may also be wondering how to accompany your household help during the service. Our advice: if you are staying at home, after the initial walk-through, let the cleaner work. They will be able to call on you if they have any questions. If you wish, you can make a "mini progress report" in the middle of the service, to see if everything is going as planned and if they need anything.

You now have all the information you need to hire a Wecasa cleaner!

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