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How can I stop my regular cleaning services?
How can I stop my regular cleaning services?
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At Wecasa, you can select either a one-off or a regular cleaning. You can choose the frequency: a few times per week, every week or every fortnight - it's up to you.

Once your request for regular cleaning sessions has been accepted by one Wecasa domestic cleaner, the appointments are automatically added to your customer account.

If you are away and want to cancel one appointment, you can do so directly from your customer account.

If you want to change the day or time of your appointment, you will first need to talk with your cleaner to make sure they are available at the new time slot you asked for.

There is no obligation with Wecasa cleaning services - you can stop anytime!

To cancel all your cleaning appointments, go to your customer account, click "My upcoming bookings", and cancel all the scheduled appointments.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if necessary and let us know why you want to stop cleaning sessions.

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