Once we've received your booking, we'll send it to our network of professionals to see who's available and suitable. At this point, your order will be marked as 'Sent' in your Wecasa app.

As soon as a professional accepts your booking, we'll send you a confirmation email and text message, and your order will be marked as 'Confirmed' in your app.

The day of the appointment, your professional will show up at the address you've provided, with all the equipment necessary for the services you requested.

If no professionals are available at the time you request when you make your booking, we might suggest alternate times for which there are available professionals. You're free to accept or refuse these times; if you refuse, we'll continue to look for professionals available at the time you initially requested.

If, ultimately, we cannot match your booking to a professional, we'll let you know as soon as possible. Your booking will be cancelled, and no debit will be taken from your bank card.

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