In order to guarantee high standard and ensure that the payment is processed effortlessly, we only accept card payments on Wecasa.

Card payments act as a security measure for both our clients and our pros.

  • As a client, you know the exact amount that is due in advance, protecting you from any potential surprises at the end of the service. You also don't have to withdraw cash beforehand!

  • From our pros, it acts as a protection, enabling them to be safely paid for the services that they provide.

In addition to this, it also enables them to guarantee that the services provided by Wecasa are in accordance with national legislation.

During the booking, you will fill in your card details.

Your card will only be debited the day after the appointment was due. On the day of the appointment, there will be no transaction.

If needed, and in agreement with the pro, you can modify the service to adjust payment. This can be done up to 24h after you've had the appointment.

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