How do counter-proposals work?
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If you'd like to accept a proposal but you aren't available at the time the client has requested, you can make a counter-proposal which suggests a different time to the client. Depending on other professionals' replies to the original proposal, we will send this counter-proposal to the client, who is free to accept or reject it.

If the counter-offer is accepted, you'll receive an appointment confirmation. You'll also be informed if the client rejects your counter-proposal, or if another professional accepts your client's original proposed time.

To make it likely that your counter-proposal is accepted, try and make it as close as possible to the original day and time, or propose the same time on the day before or after the original proposal.

We consider your counter-proposal valid for three hours after you make it. If the client only accepts it three or more hours after you've made it, we'll ask you to make sure that it still works for you.

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